Rejection Therapy

Rejection is part of the deal for writers, but I find it’s the waiting that sucks. For anyone that missed Jia Jiang’s rejection therapy via YouTube, check it out (below). You’ll feel better about rejection. Then make your own list.

Here’s mine:

  1. Walk into the next 13year-old birthday party my son attends and ask if they requested a clown. (Might get egged as well as rejected.)
  2. Walk into a bank and offer to help count the money.
  3. Camp out by the Slurpee machine in 7-11 and keep a steady flow of refills going.
  4. Ask a LIRR conductor if I can bring the train into Penn Station.
  5. Wash windshields at a traffic light using my spit.
  6. Door to door solicitations to “Save Fat Cats on Wall Street”.
  7.  Ask the bakery if they can only sell me the chocolate side of the black and white cookie. I don’t like vanilla frosting.
  8. Request a seat for my imaginary friend on any 5 o’clock train out of the city.
  9. Ask a bookstore clerk if they have something I can read while I use their jon.
  10. Ask a barber if they could cut one strand of hair at a time. I have delicate follicles.
  11. Request Dunkin’ Donuts to name a donut after me called the S S Delight. Yummm…

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2 thoughts on “Rejection Therapy Leave a comment

    1. Yes, in my case I’d prefer emailing Ryan Gosling, just in case there’s a chance. I’m sure my husband wouldn’t mind, considering my odds. Your comment regarding the Abercrombie and Fitch d-bag, I mean, founder, was funny. Thanks for the visit.

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