In Case of Summer, Please Resuscitate

It’s been two months since my last confession . . . Er, I mean blog entry, due to a number of factors, although mostly due to summer fatigue when I like to be off-line and outside. Then throw in beach reading, carpooling kids, chasing fireflies and watching season 12 of So You Think You Can Dance (yeah, Team tWitch!) and suddenly your blog has flat-lined. Whoops.

I have been writing, but instead of posting, I’ve been submitting work for publication so I don’t have the credentials of a baby baboon. Oddly enough, I’ve never really done this.

I’ve also forced myself to get back to WIP #2. This is hard when I’ve been so close on novel #1. Especially considering the math:

Time + Creative Energy =    beninflames

This is a true and scientific equation in the field of creative writing. I should have pursued a career in personal finance, right? Or at the very least a noble quest to find a cure for cancer, or mental illness, in which I would begin immediate investigation into Donald Trump’s bouffant hair dye #5. Red M&Ms explained the 60’s. I think Trump sums up current times fairly well.

So that’s the plan, which may result in sporadic blog posts, but I have tried to stay on top of my blog reading.

Wishing you all a summer of successful writing and enjoyable reading!


11 thoughts on “In Case of Summer, Please Resuscitate

  1. ramonawray

    The querying process can be brutal 🙂 Hang in there, it ends eventually (and, hopefully, positively for you). Meanwhile, try to relax and enjoy the summer 🙂

  2. FictionFan

    Don’t give up the writing, but if you could fit in the Trump research at the same time that would be a great boon to humanity! Not just the dye though – we need to have it explained how he gets that bit at the front to defy gravity – every time I see him I think Einstein must have made a mistake… (or possibly nature…)

    Keep enjoying the summer! 🙂

    1. desertdweller29

      Hah! Many men and women have failed to explain this phenomena known as the Trump bouffant. It’s a medical mystery, FF! The side effects are apparent though, specifically illusions of grandeur.

      Oh, I failed to mention watching tennis in my list of distractions. How about yesterday’s game?! Yay Djokovic! Too bad it wasn’t Nadal though.

      1. FictionFan

        Yay, Djokovic, indeed! It was a great match but I do wish either Andy or Rafa had been in it. But Roger smashed Andy to pieces…again!

  3. Don Royster

    Glad you sent out a message in a bottle. I was wondering what had happened to you. I thought you might have gotten attacked by The Donald’s combover. I know it’s out there in your neck of the woods, making a fool of itself. Or maybe you might have been abducted by aliens. I hear that on some clear nights you can see a whole squadron of ufos. So I am glad you’re doing a-okay. 🙂

    1. desertdweller29

      Hah! Thanks, Don. Fortunately I’m in NY, far away from the buffoonery happening in my home state. We get all the nuts… I’ll return when it’s safe. Why do the UFOs always beam up the wrong people?

      1. Don Royster

        I think the UFOs beam up the right people. The problem is they don’t keep them. Hmmm…Maybe there is a blog post in that. I can going to have to turn it over in my brain.

    1. desertdweller29

      Well perhaps it’s orange dye… Either way it causes levitation, both in mind and spirit. It’s a spiraling solar system in another galaxy. I wonder if fireflies ever get trapped in there…

  4. Debbie

    DD, you can’t know how much I empathize with this post! I, too, have a Novel #1 that needs representation and am in the middle of writing Novel #2 (which is going painfully slow, I might add, as these dadblamed characters are taking on a life of their own, ha!) I’m trying hard to keep writing on my blog at least, as well as reading others’ words, but it’s not easy, especially with thunderstorms one day, scorching heat the next, and a needy Sheltie who thinks it’s his mission to keep me away from my computer! Good luck, and don’t give up!!

    1. desertdweller29

      Thanks, Debbie! It’s frustrating, isn’t it? I wish I can multiple myself…4 should do it. One will strictly be the writer; the others get the grunt work. Your Sheltie sounds like my children. Needy buggers. Take care and good luck to you, too!

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