Cry, the Beloved Planet

IMG_0298We are outgrowing our earthly clothes
Holding onto the ripped corners
Where planted flags thread false meanings
Pinning the polluted soil
Ensuring the tomatoes are labeled in winter
It never mattered more

Our land is losing its stitching
Exposing fat bellies and thinning wrists
Misshapen tides with cans rattling
Behind a gaudy wedding wagon
Long after the vows have been broken

But there was a reception
We danced
To songs about summer love and sex
Soaked ourselves in altered realities
Shopped to the top of debris and space junk
Numbed our prescription-filled veins
To drown the silent cry

And the children
What is to become of them?
Running around with heads bent
Looking like empty hangers and question marks
Thinking the world is in their palms
Clutching their digital devices
They don’t look up to the sky
They don’t look into your eyes
They hide and wonder why

They cannot breathe the air and
Gaze upon the vistas
Hold conversations lasting into night
Be still in silence
Our distracted messy minds have
Been hanging from aย mobile of shiny poisoned tentacles
A chandelier of jellyfish stars

Pull the wires from our ears
And hear
The cry of our beloved planet
Before it can no longer weep
Before the well is dry

-S S Hicks


12 thoughts on “Cry, the Beloved Planet

  1. Debbie

    Ah, DD, this one is PROFOUND! I love it lots, you know. Very astutely written. I’d put in on par with some of the masters from back then, the ones shouting for change in a world gone nuts! Please find a place to submit this one!

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