A boy unzipped the world today
And for a moment everyone could see:
Ocean spill, gifted shells,
The underside of a starfish
With its hundred-legged range.

A world of sea spray,
Hourglass blue,
For him to dip his feet into a tepid sky,
Dangle his legs with the ease of curling,
Frothy​ endings, tips of ribbons,
Where water and air
Breathe and bubble.
Home, a crate he sat upon.
Infinite time.
Punctured walls
Leaking possibilities,
The soft trickle of new beginnings.

Boats flowed freely in his sea
Collecting people,
Welcoming them as he waited.
While the toothy zipper
Began to rust in the salty spill
Of long voyages,
Vessels of yearning souls,
The mighty cry of Mother Earth
Halting its closure.

And the boy,
The sweet boy,
Greeted them with wonder,
As they colored his dull surroundings
Eating away the darkness,
Softening the mortar,
Until brick by brick
The walls crumbled
And the world,
Filling with light and joy,
Became one.


Many thanks for the prompt and photo, courtesy of Margo Roby: Wordgathering.


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