Rise and Shine

Vladimir Kush
Vladimir Kush

A corrigible defect,
This echolocation of early morning,
Stringing fractured light in sun swell.
The stage set, diluting droplets of artifice
While the bustle of costumed characters
Crowd horizons with billowed sleeves
Laced in eggshell white, gathered and stitched.

I am no one,
Known by none.
Soaking in the operatic stretch.
The yolky yawn of night swallow.
An acquaintance moving past,
Watching fleshy limbs recede.
A woman with hungry eyes and lips,
Skin color shifting
In various stages of decay
As I stumble towards the whisper of day.

The slow seep of terror
Stretches in elastic time.
The dimensionless detours,
Weightless enough to wonder
Of my stolen identity.

Songbirds sing with
Foreign tongues
Distracting the word thief
Slipping out the back door,
Leaving footprints and tracks,
Raking mud from the pull
Of weighted souls working overtime
Withering in brightness, the completed shift,
A line drawn to show a way home.

Upon the doorstep there is
The rattle of stacked dishes,
Folding into familiar grooves,
And knowing chips
Damaged from slippery grips,
Put away in the organization of place.
The sweet sigh of recognition
Seeping into fingertips,
Sticking to the curves of the brain
The maze of spongy, electrical circuits
With tipsy dispatchers
And sewer rats.

A name is called,
Allowed to settle.
While the brew of coffee
Alerts the senses.

Wave off the dreams
Sliding into white space
To piece together my puzzled self,
While a new stage is erected
And prepared.
Shake off the night
Still breathing in my fabric surroundings.
Wipe it from the corners of my eyes,
As I sit to take my place,
To stand,
To rise,
To shine.


Photo prompt: Margo Roby: http://margoroby.com


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