Proof of Life


You said you were giving up
Lifting tiny hairs on my skin
I looked at my hands, holding answers
Knuckles aching in change of weather
Kneading imaginary clay
Wishing to shape nothing into something
The way eyes hold sun
Or a heart holds seasons

Get up!
Share your rage
Find your language
Strike a match to light
The halls of your brain

But I am too tired, you said
Pointless deeds in a fickle world
Poisoned people drinking lead water
While others clutch phones and coffee
Leashed to pets, hashtagging, retweeting

Sentimental cynics, I sighed
Afraid of blood
With their lashing tongues
And languishing stories
Where is the thirst in your eyes?
What do you see?
Who waits at your doorstep
Ready to weave around your neck
And release their warmth and weapons?
A reminder that
The scarf of empathy isn’t always soft

Are you alive?
You recoil at the thought
Are you alive?
You shake your head to lose direction
Are you alive?
I nod I am, coming into focus

Prove it.




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