Burgeoning Clouds


The rain came in hesitant bursts
Tentacles spawning and retracting
A jellyfish moving in an ocean of silted sky

I drank from the oval bowl
Sipping the gratitude of high places
Open vistas unleashing boxed thoughts
Passing through me
Wind with voiceless imprints
Liquid whispers
A drink for the thirsty held to parched lips
Blistered from too much sun and confinement

I never did well in small spaces
Even in forested places
The trees suffocated
Sped my heart, pulling me upward
Never wanting to be grounded
Too much earth to contend with
Perimeters to pinch at my skin
My legs climb with language
The patter of sole to dirt

I wove my body into the stretched fabric
Of mist and memory
Of land where water fell, tripped and searched
Into the seas carrying
Old man with creased faces and bulbous noses
Women with daggers and babies, lovers in waiting
Finger painting a sky with my mind’s eye
So childlike in sight
My body could disintegrate
Leaving me with immortal vision
Enough to drink distance
Until peaks bow into light

As rain streaks the sky
Blossoming into an array of color
A glorious arch rewards those with
Lifted heads
A willingness to wait out storms
A mind quiet enough to understand
We choose our view
In the burgeon of clouds



22 thoughts on “Burgeoning Clouds

    1. desertdweller29

      It’s true. I used to live along the Eastern Seaboard and couldn’t get used to all the trees. I would head out to the ocean just to quench my eyes with some much needed distance. Growing up in the desert, you’re used to seeing a hundred miles away. Hard adjustment!

  1. thefeatheredsleep

    You got me with ‘I never did well in small spaces’ and the notion of burgeon. I think both are just BRILLIANT. I hate that I am not reading you as easily as before, due to this WP crap but I made a definite move to read so I wouldn’t miss too much and how worthwhile was THAT. You reward your readers my friend. Time and again. You just do.

      1. thefeatheredsleep

        So when is the desert book of delights coming out? I shall nag until you do it, because YES you are so good you must!

      2. desertdweller29

        Hah! I should be working on my fiction WIP. I’m such a procrastinator. Maybe one day I’ll have enough poetry on here to bind it up. I need to get your book! I know you published poems, but I’m also waiting for your literary novel that’s in you. It’s just waiting to come out!

      3. thefeatheredsleep

        So we’re at the impasse of you wanting to write fiction, me thinking you are a great poet who needs a book of poems out (and yes, average book is 80 to 100 pages definitely enough EXCELLENT work for a book, HINT HINT) … well I’m stubborn I won’t forget to regularly remind you (seriously it’s not that hard, I’ve got some ideas if you are interested just pm me and I will give you some links, you could do it in a day or less). xxxo

  2. Debbie

    I love this one, DD, and the need for wide open spaces really resonates with me (perhaps that’s why I so loved living in Texas!) Your photos — especially the one with the rainbow — are gorgeous. Nothing like a “big sky” to put us in our places, right?!!

  3. Don Royster

    It’s drinking from those oval bowls that do it every time. I used to drink from one but gave it up. Kept giving flashbacks. Like that time I tried to run off with Bathsheba. David was none too happy about that. See what I mean. One of the things I’ve noticed about a number of your poems is that they are circular. Often your final stanza ends up where your first stanza began. This one does that. And it seems to resolve the tension you introduced in your first stanza.

  4. L. T. Garvin, Author

    Sounds like a beautiful storm, I’m even willing to come out of my small space to take a look at that blossoming sky. I love arriving at your page and seeing a new poem that I can dive into. Fabulous writing 🙂

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