The Shedding Season

Days roll into limp cigarettes hung from a torn smile,FullSizeRender-39
Coughing shade from flowered lungs
With sulfuric flourishes.
The sweet rub of match.
Temptation stained thumbs.

The tilted season leans its heavy shoulder
Into the crook of spring.
Greased hair, plain white tee, flicking ash,
Daring the wind to ignite.
Drag racing with the forked tongue lot,
The silent serpents hidden in 14-karat grass,
Bladed beauties, luminous skin in bold patterns,
Distracting the eye with nubile flare.
What did mama sing over the sizzle of eggs?

Red touch yellow, kills a fellow
Red touch black, a friend of Jack

But Jack was nimble; he was quick.
He changed his colors in a season, grew five inches,
Lost his boyhood looks, morphed into stone to
Prey upon the girls of summer,
Scatter their hearts like blackbirds
Just to watch a glass collision,
Falling for mirages and heady desires.

His hands found their shoulders,
Massaged the muscles along their delicate bones,
His cold blood pumping,
Working well in the heat.
Posturing, he went for the runt of the neighborhood
Who had blossomed into coral perfection.

But she remembered the taunts of yesterday
When he gave her the slip,
Folding into shadows,
Watching the man-made lakes expose bathing lines,
Ringed history rubbed into rocks,
Slipping out of their silted suits
With greedy evaporation.

And she struck him in one fine leap.



23 thoughts on “The Shedding Season

  1. FictionFan

    Yay! Good for her! #GoGirl πŸ˜‰ Another excellent one, DD!

    Love the new layout – fresh and springlike, and lovely pic. Though I shall miss those toes…

    1. desertdweller29

      I’ll have you know, Professor, that I took this picture. *brave smile* Of course, I was in a car, but still, it could have leaped at me. It’s a bull snake (not poisonous). I shall go track it down and present it to you. PL could use a new snake to befriend that anaconda lurking in your hut.

  2. Debbie

    Yikes, this guy makes my backyard garter snakes look like child’s play! You’re a brave person for getting close enough to capture his picture (though I hope you used a zoom lens!) Wonderfully fresh new digs you’re sporting here, DD. Y’all are making me feel like a slacker for not tackling a redesign of my own. Sigh.

    1. desertdweller29

      Thanks! Once I saw it wasn’t a rattler, I felt okay taking it. You have to get mighty close to tell though; they look so much alike. I dreamed about snakes for days after so I’m not sure it was worth it! lol

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