Summer Heirloom


In the pearls of water and sunlight,
Photosynthesis of breath,
I saw you
Your childhood
Enshrined in a lingering sky,
Joy placed upon your lips.

These days
When light beckons the sullen and the earth stuffs air
With ripe color and annual blooms,
Drapes you in wilderness,
A sap scented touch behind delicate lobes
To camouflage you with season.

Like you
I grew fins in chlorinated water,
Ran to the chimes of ice cream promises,
The slow drip of cream on chins,
The delayed grasp of sticky palms.

I tore my feet on cool decking,
Shredded suits in the Pacific,
Wore sand in the crevice of body,
Ears turning into shells, listening to
The ocean lap night into day.

I strung them around my neck,
Shelled necklaces adorning beach shops, tacky delights,
The days of blinding light.
Behind closed lids, floaters gliding along, skeletal worms
Crossing their fiery landscape,
Making sundials in sand,
Pondering the rotation of planets,
The scabs on my knees, the flight of bees,
Wearing smallness with no shame,
Beading days around my bronzed skin.

Wear it with care, My Love
And hold these jewels that string
Your childhood together.
These precious heirlooms passed to you —
The gift of vision
To see through
The changing seasons.




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