Rearrange the chambers of my heart
into arched doorways
leading to courtyards of dandelion sprawl,
all the webbed greenery to shroud my mind
into flattened, still glass.

In the yawn of space,
I lounge on lilies, looking for
heart shaped pads to tread water,
float on flowers and blow
seeds to the wind.

Let me stay here,
an archer under the bow of atmosphere,
flinging arrows dipped in clouds,
tearing into a dungaree sky patched in flight,
until my eyes become mirrors of these winged threaders,
dragonflies stitching watery horizons.

I am more landscape than breath and body.
Uncaring for the blare of the world.
Leave me in blended refuge.

If spotted, I will only leap.


12 thoughts on “Camouflage

  1. Don Royster

    Where do you come up with these images? “The yawn of space” and “dungaree sky”. And “I am more landscape than breath and body.” There are people like that. With that comment, could this fellow be a writer? Anyway, another blow-me- over.

  2. Debbie

    I’m especially enamored of “dungaree sky.” So picturesque…and so southwest-feeling! This hoppy fellow blends right in, doesn’t he?!

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