The Color of Poppies

I just noticed my poem was chosen for Editor’s Pick on The Drabble! It’s a wonderful blog that publishes stories and poems 100 words or less.

poppies Photo supplied by author.

editors pick

By S. S. Hicks

How long did it take
turning battlefields into blooms?
Nourished from fallen soldiers,
clutching hearts not their own.
Nameless warriors, yesterday’s schoolboys
with combed hair and brushed teeth.
Given bayonets, helmets and cigarettes,
whispering to their mamas as they
colored fields with their death.

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15 thoughts on “The Color of Poppies

  1. FictionFan

    Congratulations! And well-deserved. This is a beautiful poem – says so much in such a short space. It’s the youth of the boys that makes it so tragic.

  2. thefeatheredsleep

    Oh congratulations! That is wonderful news! So proud of you! Well done and so well deserved! Yes!

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