If we could tear color from our sight,
would we see more clearly?
Would it correct the wrongs?
Relieve us of our prejudices?
Pullovers be based upon
speed or suspicion,
neighborhoods undivided,
capabilities met,
our vision shades of gray.
We’d stroke our slate skin,
bleed gunmetal gray, breathe feathered smoke,
live inside concrete,
wander gardens made of ash.
No more cardinals or bluejays.
Rainbows could be drawn in pencil and
the shavings could be used to scathe our eyes
should a rose dare to bloom a dewy red.
Or an azalea leaked magenta, leaving us speechless,
carving holes of longing in us we didn’t know we had,
before the punctured canvas repaired —
our memories erased of a beauty we were unfit to bestow.
Back to our smokestack camps, lined in hazy sandstone and soiled snow
to view only shades that blind and bind.

Where would the filaments of green and the breath of blue go?
To Oz, where roads stay carved in golden bricks, next to fields of
red poppies leading to an emerald city,
while we remain in the tornado of black and white?

Would poets no longer bleed pale moonlight and shades of day?
Or dream in color, exhaling violet laughter in crimson corners,
until we regain our humanity,
until we appreciate the glory of our differences,
place judgment upon our character and actions,
understanding we bleed one color,
and that
in itself
is enough
to remain truly

When will we be worthy of living in color?
I ask
In 2016.

-S. S. Hicks


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16 thoughts on “Colorblind

  1. Debbie

    Another thought-provoking poem, DD — you’re on a roll! Personally, I can’t imagine a world without color (must be the web designer in me, ha!). But rather than thinking one color is somehow “better” than another, I wonder why we can’t celebrate every nuance, every shade, as the magic it was designed to be??

  2. Don Royster

    It’s late at night here in Florida and thinking how awful a week it has been. We have a Presidential candidate who spews hate like he invented the word. As I rambled through the blog posts I follow, I chanced upon this poem a second time. There is such encouragement in this one. That there are others who can write such a poem makes me believe the world is not lost. Thank you for this poem. I am so grateful for the many poems you have gifted us who follow this blog.

    After reading this poem several times again, I searched back to the first time my eyes fell upon one of your posts. It was back in January 21, 2015. Our conversations began on the subject of punctuation. Since then we have had an ongoing conversation about this and that and the other. And it made me realize how much I look forward to your posts. It’s like finding that message in a bottle. I open up the message and just Wow. So thank you for all your messages in bottles. Keep sending them out. They are much appreciated.

    1. desertdweller29

      What a generous comment, Don. Thank you. You have encouraged me so much in my poetry, and I appreciate it greatly. I feel like I’ve grown leaps and bounds and much of that it is due to your encouraging kind words.

      I’ve gotten to the point where I can’t watch the news anymore. The fear mongering is off the charts. FDR said it best, “Only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Unfortunately, television manipulates the narrative and people don’t know
      their history.

  3. ramonawray

    Very powerful, DD. Unfortunately, we live sad, frightful times that inspire us with the urge to ask questions and face answers few of us could have foreseen. One can only hope and try to have faith… Excellent work.

  4. thefeatheredsleep

    When I first ‘met’ you I said to you that you were one of my favorite poems on WP. I amend that to you are one of my favorite poets PERIOD in the WORLD you just SAY what needs to be said, you have such a beautiful language. I don’t want to say more, I just feel VERY moved by you and your incredible talent. I know you hate compliments as much as I do, I know that, and so I shall shush but please know, in me you have a huge fan and a friend. I am proud of being both.

  5. writingwingsforyou

    My favorite line: “When will we be worthy of living in color?”

    By the way, they are looking to get permission from the Poets for Peace contributors as we are going to be published in an on-line magazine called Praxis. You can either give permission at Forgotten Meadows, or you can send it to me at I can give you more details too if you need it.

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