Tuesday Tale: Blink by Sabrina Hicks

I’ve been reviewed by The Great FF — my go to place for good fiction! She has recommended more books to me than the NYT Bestseller list. It’s an honor and a privilege to make an appearance on her site. I have learned so much reading her reviews: how to avoid plot holes, stale characterization, as well as, what constitutes an excellent read. Review reading is critical for any writer, and FF doesn’t miss anything, or let an author get away with sloppy writing, so it is with great honor, and a slight amount of fear, I share her gracious review of my short story. One day, I hope it shall be a book, and she will remember our friendship enough to gloss over any deficiencies, though I doubt it! ☺ Thank you, FF!

FictionFan's Book Reviews

Windows of the soul…

Usually I fill this Tuesday slot with ‘genre’ stories – horror, sci-fi, detective fiction. But there are also many great short stories that don’t fall into one of these genres, so today I’m adding a new category, simply called Tales.

One of the real joys of blogging for me is meeting some of the hugely talented people who inhabit the blogosphere. Today I’m delighted to be featuring Sabrina Hicks, whom many of you will know better under her blog nom-de-plume – desertdweller. Her short story, Blink, has won the Grand Prize in the 85th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition, so it seems a perfect choice to be the inaugural…


by Sabrina Hicks

Sabrina Hicks Sabrina Hicks

When the rain came that morning and didn’t stop until final period, I knew it would be a long bus ride home. It hadn’t rained that hard since…

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