Shape Shifters


Make space as I
Shift into sea foam origami,
Water filling its vessel

I won’t wait for the known
To slough the rough edges
Into marbled stone

I do not mark expiration dates
Popping bubbles to the
Tick of time

I have completed my stitch,
Threading empty holes
Into netted catch

Beating words of meaning,
Wearing pleasurable feathers
To give flight

I have cut myself into infinity
Choking on shards of fickle light,
Careful of crystalline cuts

For it is the writer consuming
Their characters, nailing them to page,
Playbills starring ourselves


12 thoughts on “Shape Shifters

  1. thefeatheredsleep

    This is so true of your ability.
    You can push out worlds and thus, make room at the table for new things.
    Those who are afraid of that always hold themselves back – you don’t.
    This is so damn clever and true.

  2. Debbie

    This forces me to ponder: Is it the writer who creates the character, or the character who creates the writer?? Well written, DD — you’re on a roll!

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