“Polling Place” on The Drabble today

I know I’ve been MIA as of late, but today my piece “Polling Place” is on The Drabble.

As our exhaustingly long and contentious U.S. elections come to a close, we will continue to face division in our nation until we heal, listen and collectively stand up to hateful and misogynistic rhetoric. The work doesn’t end today, but it starts with voting.


10 thoughts on ““Polling Place” on The Drabble today

      1. Desert Dweller

        Since the election results, I haven’t written a single word. I cannot concentrate or focus for any length of time. We, the American people, have elected a Narcissist-in-Chief, who has hoodwinked half the electorate into thinking he would suddenly be a champion for the working class, when all his actions have shown otherwise. Trump only belongs to a party of one. We have rewarded bigotry and fear, and rejected a candidate who has spent 30 + years being a public servant. My optimism is bruised.

      2. FictionFan

        I know – and the worst thing about it, the thing I find hardest to accept, is that no-one can pretend for one minute that they were fooled. They voted for him knowing exactly what he was. Even if he could work wonders on the economy and make everyone better off, does that make bragging about sexual assault, threatening journalists, being racist, somehow OK? Vile, vile man. Between this and Brexit, my already shaky belief in democracy is even weaker. I reckon it’s time to start making people take some kind of test of political awareness before they’re allowed to vote… if they won’t take responisibilty for informing themselves beyond hate websites, then should they really have the right to vote? Sorry for ranting, but I’m sickened by what’s happening to the world so many of us have fought so hard to change.

      3. Desert Dweller

        Sadly she won the popular vote and over half the voters did not elect Trump. When our electoral college no longer reflects the popular vote, we have a problem. It’s archaic and out of date.

        There are so many reasons why Trump was elected… To actually dig into policy is asking too much of people. Why do that when it’s easier to point a finger and blame someone else? It requires no nuance or thought. And when you only get your news on Facebook, it ceases to become news. It is merely an echo chamber — a hall of mirrors.

        Brexit could have been our wake up call. Unfortunately we hit the snooze button.

  1. Debbie

    Well, DD, we did our patriotic best, didn’t we? Those of us who believe in the power of prayer will continue to cover our nation and its leaders, trusting that peace and kindness will heal the divisiveness. Might be time for everybody to get on their knees!

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