So You Wanna Start a Revolution


Begin with well-placed propaganda-
words repeated become truth.
Let them marinate, thicken with time
so they stick to the sides of the bowl.

Stir in nostalgia, fog the hindsight.
It should feel like cocoa by fireside
or glass underfoot, the searing
of the downtrodden.

Numb the resistance with
Santa’s lap, hover-boards, iPhones,
white elephants that recycle
over seasons until resting in Goodwill.

Throw in the disillusioned when
the revolution becomes the pulled
linchpin of a grenade.
Then repeat history.


15 thoughts on “So You Wanna Start a Revolution

    1. Desert Dweller

      Yes, we need constant reminders, I fear. Memories are short, truth gets buried, and people tend to prefer simple solutions. Luckily, as writers, we have our words and we’re not afraid to use them. πŸ˜‰

      1. Don Royster

        Good idea. I am not watching the news, reading the news or listening to the news. Of course, if I don’t do that, I will miss out on all the fun. This is going to keep comedians in a job for the next four years. I hear the Bureau of Labor Statistics has already seen a rise in comedy specialists.

  1. thefeatheredsleep

    I think what you said about needing constant reminders is SO TRUE and that’s why I love poetry (and your poetry) because it helps us be more mindful literally doesn’t it?

    1. Desert Dweller

      Absolutely! One can argue it’s all been said before, but just like deeds, words need repeating, especially ones that speak the truth, which feels buried lately in the toxicity of our current political landscape.

      Your poetry not only speaks truth, but it reveals and magnifies its origins with strength and delicacy alike. xx

      1. thefeatheredsleep

        I think for people our age, post-sixties, we did grow up thinking it’s all been done before, what’s original? but what we sometimes omit is that it’s original for our generation or future ones, not everyone knows the history, and if they don’t it’s just going to leave this hole, so every generation has to be a voice of that generation.In that sense what you say is so very true and wise xo

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