The Nesting of Wild Things


Birdsong begins in darkness,
humming like faulty wiring,
collecting trills placed
in bone and wind.

I felt shadows move in stillness
bowing to my fetal shape,
setting off the nightingale and
the cerulean warbler

to rest branches in my open palm,
flint to strike against the
steel moon and ignite a
flight of condors.

Running with fever down
beaches of gulls into hawk-spun
mountains, I spilled into
the soft-plumage of day

clearing the way for the
wild things at the gate,
feathers soaked in bonfire blue,
a launch of flight

leaving me covered in the
the ashes of the phoenix,
quelling the call of the nest
to put me on my journey.


20 thoughts on “The Nesting of Wild Things

  1. thefeatheredsleep

    THIS! When a poem is that incredible you really have less to say about it than a poem that is ‘pretty good’. I’d think I could just rant and rave over this but the truth is when you read something that works so well you have absolutely no words just admiration and a stunned silence. Then you read it again and your jaw drops. I suppose I should send a photo of my slack-jawed self as that is the true result of your writing almost always but this – this is just exquisite I use that word sparingly for my absolutely ‘bestest’ writers and you girl, you, just you. wow.

  2. Phil Ryan

    I used to hate waking up to an alarm and having to leap out and face the day in a semi conscious/zombie like state. This conveys beautifully how it should be, a few minutes to get used to the sights, sounds and feel of the morning. Top effort. 🙂

  3. chrisbkm

    There’s a morning light. 5 a.m. or so that I would never be able to describe. Other-worldly yet so thoroughly grounded here… at home. In that light in the almost middle of the night, once about thirty years ago I was outside splitting kindling, mid-winter, northwestern Ontario everything frozen solid. Striking axe ringing pure bell in the most exquisite, unforgettable… indescribable light. And then you wrote “Feathers soaked in bonfire blue”. Your poem took my breath away.

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