The Threshold of Snowflakes


Feel the soft empathy,
the pregnant belly sharing
a heartbeat of a million voices.

In the landscape of lies
you will find the construction of
beautiful, fragile flakes

collecting, rising to solidify
into a frozen wall,
drop by drop by drop.

And when you fall from your graces,
slip in your well-fitted shoes
when we have worn so many,

we may offer shelter
from winter’s piercing blast,
lest you understand,

above the welcome mat
snowflakes turn to ice and
ice turn to daggers.


16 thoughts on “The Threshold of Snowflakes

  1. Debbie

    Have you got SNOW already?!?? We’ve only seen a few flakes off and on, but every day of late has been gray and dreary, looking like it wants to snow. And it’s certainly been cold enough! Beautiful description here and yes, the stuff can certainly be treacherous!

  2. mirrorwithoutglass

    My snow sister, you were the captive poetry of the desert and now somehow you can translate Winter with equal vividness. Incredibly lovely my favorite being the pregnant belly holding the worlds voices, that’s just damn brilliant.

  3. L. T. Garvin, Author

    Truly wonderful, D.D. I love the initial peaceful feeling of the snow and the empathy of the “million voices.” There is definitely something treacherous lurking quite closely in the form of those ice daggers. I love your line about the shoes. I wrote a poem where people put on their “little deplorable shoes…” Great work!

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