My Poem in Gyroscope Review



Happy New Year All!

I’ve been on the road, trying to keep up with reading, working on poems and stories for publication and ringing in a new year with family and friends. Hope everyone had a happy holiday, or at least walked away with some good stories (ideally both).

My poem Lab Art of a Half-Life has been published in the Winter 2017 issue of Gyroscope Review! The issue is available online, and I am thrilled to be included among such a talented group.

Looking forward to a new year of writing!


23 thoughts on “My Poem in Gyroscope Review

      1. Debbie

        HaHa! Somebody reading your comment here might get the mistaken idea that I’m getting married … or expecting a baby!!! Not that kind of news, people!

  1. Don Royster

    Great way to start off the year. Congratulations. I knew it was only a matter time. 2016 was great for your writing, 2017 will be even better. And very good poem too.

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