The Distance Between

Do you ever envision an accident happening and then when it does, wonder if your vision made it come true, or if it was just inevitable and you were really only predicting or fearing a commonplace occurrence in the grand scheme of life?

Yesterday I was at my computer, like most mornings, having my cup of coffee while writing, and I thought, Boy, it’d really suck if I spilled this coffee all over my computer. I should back up all my work. Then lo and behold — commence spill, queue scream laced with profanity, then fill the air with the rich smell of bastardized coffee and self pity… Yep. After six years together, I killed Precious. Say hello to Precious 2.0.

Good news is I have a piece of flash fiction (about 500 words) over at Spelk today if you have time to read. Thank you to Gary Duncan for publishing The Distance Between Neighbors. I’m honored to be there!

Have a great week, and be sure to back up your work and maintain a healthy distance between coffee and computer!


19 thoughts on “The Distance Between

  1. Debbie

    Great story, one that deserves lengthening! I’ve never had a wrap-around porch, but I’ve always liked them. As for your computer, thanks for the warning. I’ve got a bad habit of keeping water at my desk, but I’m going to think twice about that from now on. Gee, you’d think we’d know better, huh?!

  2. L. T. Garvin, Author

    Oh I’m so sorry, D.D. I’m bad about backing up my stuff. I did put many of my short stories on Google Docs recently. That’s a good way to back up and have access to your work anywhere. Much of my work is hand written in notebooks because I have to write on the go, if only I could find those notebooks, lol!

  3. Don Royster

    Welcome Precious 2.0. I know you will help Sabrina continue birth new and wonderful things. Congratulations, Sabrina, on another gem. Boy, did you surprise me at the end. 🙂

    1. Desert Dweller

      Thanks, Don. I wanted the ending to reveal nothing but the distance between two people within a close proximity. No character got a name or an ending, which creates a hollow feeling.

      So far Precious 2.0 is doing well; all drinks aside!

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