“Fire Season” — Pidgeonholes (forthcoming, Dec 2021)

“When the Calves are Separated” — Emerge Literary Journal (forthcoming, Jan 2022)

“Little Lady”Trampset 

“Olympus Mons”Monkeybicycle 

“Eight Seconds”Reckon Review (Nom for Best of Net, 2021)

“Suburban Flight”Fractured Lit 

“Scar Tissue”New Flash Fiction Review (Nom for Best Micro, 2021)

“Animal Brain”Ghost Parachute 

“My Drugstore Queen”Milk Candy Review (Nom for BSF, 2020); Two Questions

“Rock Collection”CHEAP POP (Nom for Pushcart, 2020)

“Buying Raindrops”Atlas + Alice (Included in Best Small Fictions 2021)

“Writing Prompts and Changing Views”X-R-A-Y 

“Extraterrestre”Barren Magazine (Wigleaf Top 50, 2021)

“Dead Animal Pick Up” — Bending Genres

“The Synchronicity of Water” — Lost Balloon

“Catching Rose Baxter in Room 9” — 100 Word Story

“Drill” — Matchbook (Wigleaf Top 50, 2020; Noms for Pushcart, BSF, BMF)

“Where the Hummingbirds Go” — Ellipsis Zine (Nom for Pushcart, ’19)

“Synonyms for Extraction” — MoonPark Review (Nom BSF, ’19)

“The Dead Ringer” — Pigeon Pages

“Home of Specimen Gardeners” — Barren Magazine (Editor’s Choice)

“If I Could Tell You” — Synaesthesia Magazine (Honorable Mention Best Micro ’19); Appearing in Flash Flood 2020

“Memorial of Imaginary Lines” — The Sunlight Press  (Noms for Best of Net ’19, Pushcart)

To Arizona” — Third Point Press

Carriage”  — Literary Mama (Nom for Best Small Fiction ’19);  “After Page One”

Underwater” — 100 Word Story

“The Distance Between Neighbors” — Spelk Fiction 

The View” — Toasted Cheese Literary Journal

The Toast” — 101 Words

“Fast Food Warfare” — The Drabble



“Twenty Minutes”Brevity 

“Walking Contradictions” — Split Lip Magazine (Nom for Best of the Net, 2020)

“The Shedding Process” — Pithead Chapel

“Beachcombers” — Pidgeonholes 



“Contemplating Gravity on 180 Greenwich Street” — Rat’s Ass Review 

“Lab Art of a Half-Life” — Gyroscope Review

The Position of Sun” — Panoply 

“Lost” — Poetry Breakfast 

“Peddling Sweets in the Back Bay” — Silver Birch Press

“The Color of Poppies” — The Drabble (Editor’s Choice)

Camouflage,” “It’s a Girl”, “The Life Cycle of Thoughts and Prayers”  — The Drabble


Awards & Lists:

“Buying Raindrops”Atlas + Alice (Best Small Fictions, 2021)

“Extraterrestre” — Wigleaf Top 50 (2021), Barren Magazine

“Drill” — Wigleaf Top 50 (2020), Matchbook 

“Blink”  — Grand Prize Winner, Writer’s Digest 85th Annual Writing Competition (2016)

“If I Could Tell You” —  Honorable Mention, Best Micro 2019, Synaesthesia Magazine; Flash Flood Journal



Interview — Writer’s Digest Nov/Dec 2016 issue