“Olympus Mons”Monkeybicycle 

“Eight Seconds”Reckon Review

“Suburban Flight”Fractured Lit 

“Scar Tissue”New Flash Fiction Review 

“Animal Brain”Ghost Parachute 

“My Drugstore Queen”Milk Candy Review (BSF Nom); Two Questions

“Rock Collection”CHEAP POP (Pushcart Nom)

“Buying Raindrops”Atlas + Alice (Best Small Fictions 2021)

“Writing Prompts and Changing Views”X-R-A-Y 

“Extraterrestre”Barren Magazine (Wigleaf Top 50, 2021)

“Dead Animal Pick Up” — Bending Genres

“The Synchronicity of Water” — Lost Balloon

“Catching Rose Baxter in Room 9” — 100 Word Story

“Drill” — Matchbook (Pushcart, BSF, BMF Noms 2020; Wigleaf Top 50, 2020)

“Where the Hummingbirds Go” — Ellipsis Zine (Pushcart Nom 2020)

“Synonyms for Extraction” — MoonPark Review (BSF Nom 2020)

“The Dead Ringer” — Pigeon Pages

“Home of Specimen Gardeners” — Barren Magazine (Editor’s Choice)

“If I Could Tell You” — Synaesthesia Magazine (Honorable Mention Best Micro ’19); Appearing in Flash Flood 2020

“Memorial of Imaginary Lines” — The Sunlight Press  (Best of Net ’19, Pushcart Noms)

To Arizona” — Third Point Press

Carriage”  — Literary Mama (Best Small Fiction Nom ’19);  “After Page One”

Underwater” — 100 Word Story

“The Distance Between Neighbors” — Spelk Fiction 

The View” — Toasted Cheese Literary Journal

The Toast” — 101 Words

“Fast Food Warfare” — The Drabble



“Twenty Minutes”Brevity 

“Walking Contradictions” — Split Lip Magazine (Best of the Net Nomination 2020)

“The Shedding Process” — Pithead Chapel

“Beachcombers” — Pidgeonholes 



“Contemplating Gravity on 180 Greenwich Street” — Rat’s Ass Review 

“Lab Art of a Half-Life” — Gyroscope Review

The Position of Sun” — Panoply 

“Lost” — Poetry Breakfast 

“Peddling Sweets in the Back Bay” — Silver Birch Press

“The Color of Poppies” — The Drabble (Editor’s Choice)

Camouflage,” “It’s a Girl”, “The Life Cycle of Thoughts and Prayers”  — The Drabble


Awards & Lists:

“Extraterrestre” — Wigleaf Top 50 (2021), Barren Magazine

“Buying Raindrops”Atlas + Alice (Best Small Fictions, 2021)

“Drill” — Wigleaf Top 50 (2020), Matchbook 

“Blink”  — Grand Prize Winner, Writer’s Digest 85th Annual Writing Competition (2016)

“If I Could Tell You” —  Honorable Mention, Best Micro 2019, Synaesthesia Magazine; Flash Flood Journal



Interview — Writer’s Digest Nov/Dec 2016 issue